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General Terms

By using this service you accept the following Terms and Conditions.

Please read the following carefully before continuing to browse or purchase any product from the site.

Items and services of the website are subject to change. Luigi Loves has the right at any time to modify or withdraw certain terms without any notice. Therefore we highly suggest you review this page at every point before visiting or making a purchase to be clear on the correct or revised terms in which you are bound too.

Access to Luigi Loves is permitted on a temporary basis, we have the right to withdraw or make changes to the website without notice. To maintain the website to the highest standard, and make it user friendly for all our customers, we may restrict access to some parts or all of the website. We are not liable if for any reason this website is unavailable.

No person under the age of 16 is allowed to purchase an item on the website unless consent is granted by parents and guardians. Luigi Loves retains the right to refuse any request we consider to be invalid by any user.

Any images, graphics and photographs contained on the website are copyrighted unless stated otherwise. It is forbidden to use in any manner, unless permission is granted by Luigi Loves Images of people, events or press published on the website, are either property or used with permission by Luigi Loves Any unauthorized use of images or photographs on this website, may violate copyrights, trademark and privacy laws.

 You may browse, download and print copies of material displayed on Luigi Loves, however this is not for redistribution, unless permission is granted in written form by Luigi Loves and is solely for your own personal use. We take no responsibility for any damages or viruses that may infect your computer during the time of visiting or use of the website. Links to other websites may appear on this site. If you select to visit these third party sites through our website, you do so at your own risk.

Concerning communicative material through the website, such as answer, questions, feedback, comments, suggestions and ideas, these instantly become the property of Luigi Loves and can be treated for other uses and will appear as non-confidential. The contact data, financial and demographic information given to us by you through the website, is explained in detail in our Private Policy section on the website.

No misuse of this website will be tolerated, including any criminal offence, unnecessary language which may be considered obscene and offensive, breach of confidence or hacking into the server. Luigi Loves will report any cases to the relevant law enforcement authorities in Cyprus, and we have the right to disclose your identity and terminate all accounts. If use of multiple logins are created for misuse or disruption, legal action will be taken.

Terms of Sale

When placing an order you are complying in agreement to the Terms and Conditions written on this page.


When placing an order all details must be valid and any financial information regarding your order must be your own as stated in the billing address. All information must state that you are the authorised user of the credit/ debit card, and there is enough money to cover the amount purchased.

Once your order has been received by us a standard check on your card will be carried out, this is called an online process. We check if there are sufficient funds to cover the amount ordered and for fraud cases i.e stolen cards. During this process your goods will have been out on hold through the system until the card check has been complete. Once the order has been accepted by us, an email is sent to you, and the goods will be dispatched. When you receive this email, it means your card has been debited of the amount owned and your good are in line to be delivered.

Collections and products will be added and removed according at various time throughout the year. Therefore please be understanding to minor errors that may occur. All prices on the site are subject to change. If an item has been ordered, before it has been processed, if a discrepancy or error has occurred in the price, you have the right to either cancel the item or confirm to the new corrected price. If for any reason we are unable to contact you, from the information provided by you, we will consider the item/ items cancelled.

Discounts/ Special Offers:

Discounts and Special Offers promoted through the website may not always apply to the fashion stores of Luigi Loves Luisa. The website is a store of its own, and does not always work in sync with the other stores, therefore we are not responsible for price differences or special deals that may apply in some cases.


Delivery of goods will be undertaken by an external company. Local delivery will be estimated within 24 hours of when you order was placed, however this includes ONLY working hours of the stores. International Deliveries will take 2-7 working days to be delivered by courier. To calculate your order and its delivery process more efficiently, please familiarise yourselves with our company working hours. This information can be found in Contacts/Inquiries on our website. Dispatch and delivery times may vary according to availability of the external delivery company. We are not responsible for any delays resulted by the external company . Deliveries within Cyprus will be free. All International Deliveries will be charged depending on the amount you have ordered and size (kgs) of each package.

Shipping Costs:

Global Delivery : EUR 15.00 per package

Gift Voucher

When purchasing a gift voucher from the website this can be used at any of the Luigi Loves Luisa fashion store (see Shops on website for details) as well as on the online store. If you lose the gift voucher in any way, as long as you have noted the date and invoice number the voucher is still valid. However if the invoice number is lost we cannot accept any responsibility. Delivery of the gift vouchers applies to same as clothing. We cannot take any responsibility if the gift voucher or invoice number is used by someone other than the intended recipient.


We do not accept cancellations at any time once the order has been paid for and processed since we work on a fast turnover to deliver to you. However we do exchanges on all products you are unsatisfied with. The products must be returned in the condition delivered to you, with all the necessary tags and return label attached on the product. Refunds will be issued within 14 days, and the owed amount issued as a voucher to you.

For all International exchanges, returning the garment within 14 days will be accepted, however you will need to send us the product by your own means, and you will get charged again if you wish for another size or product to be sent to you. Unless a item is damaged we will pay for the return of the goods. However if you wish to return more than one item for other reasons, you must pay for the transportantion return to us. We will exchange the item with another product of your choice or issue a voucher. We do not refund money.


All item/ items are inclusive of VAT and any additional cost will be visible in your Total Costs before your proceed with your order.

We reserve the right to vary the Terms and Conditions at any given time.

Any complaints or comments about the Terms and Conditions you have just read through please email us or contact us directly. We will try and resolve and answer any questions. You will find all the necessary information to contact us under Contact/Inquiries on the website.

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